Cycle-Soak Programming Denver Sprinkler Repair

Cycle-Soak Programming

Remember the best way to water a lawn is with a Cycle-Soak Programming. This means you run the cycle for 1/2 the time, but add a second start time (or run for 1/3 the time and add 3 total start times, etc.). This allows a lawn sprinkler zone to water until the ground is just saturated, preventing runoff, & continue through the rest of the program. After at least an hour, the whole program should water again until the full amount of standard time is reached. Generally, that means this should be repeated a total of 2-4 times. With a RainBird Controller this is easily accomplished with up to 6 start times per program.

This process allows the water put out by the sprinkler heads to absorb farther into the soil profile. Therefore, with more water penetrating deeper in the soil, the roots will grow deeper. This makes everything a little more drought tolerant also.

Above all, this deeper water method of cycle-soak lawn sprinkler programming is important to establish deeper roots. More frequent & shallow watering (Every day & night just a little bit) causes grasses, trees & shrubs to root at the surface. When the top couple inches of the ground is baked by the sun, the shallow roots are stressed and can shock the plant. By utilizing the cycle-soak programming you will get a deeper penetration of the water into the soil. As a result, the cycle-soak programming process will give your lawn a better drought tolerance. Consequently, your turf will show fewer signs of stress during a stretch of hot days.

RainBird ESP-4ME Outdoor Controller Mounted to a brick exterior. This controller can be upgraded to have access from your phone if there is a WiFi connection at the property.

WiFi Link with RainBird Controller

Because these days are consistently reaching into the 90’s across Denver, you must make sure your sprinkler system is programmed correctly. Now is the time to adjust the sprinkler controller for your lawn irrigation system. Not just adjust the sprinkler timer, but adjust how you let it operate. This is done by adjusting your sprinkler controller to give more time on each lawn sprinkler zone. Adjusting a controller is specific to the brand and model. Some, such as this professional grade Rainbird Controller product, is easily adjustable by anybody. Cycle-Soak Programming easily done with a RainBird Controller and is an important thing in Denver’s dry climate.

A great feature on many controllers (timers) is the Seasonal Adjust button. This can be used to increase all your zones equally while maintaining the appropriate proportion to the original program. If you had 10 minutes but increased the Seasonal Adjust button to 120% the zone would then run for 12 minutes instead of 10. Additional ways to get more water down include adding an additional start time on a Cycle-Soak Programming(if time allows), adding additional days or increasing the run time of each lawn sprinkler zone. With the newer Rainbird ESP Modular controllers, you can add a WiFi Link to have access from an app on your smartphone.

This WiFi link (powered by your home internet WiFi) allows you to access your controller and all the settings from anywhere you have access to the system on the web. You can label each zone and adjust zones individually all on your smartphone. There is even an option to include a photo of the sprinkler zone. Control your sprinklers by turning them off when it is supposed to rain for the next 4 days.

RainBird Controller Cycle-Soak Programming

Get one of these RainBird controllers installed or upgraded to be able to have access from your smartphone today! Even without the WiFi Link, this RainBird controller is easy to use! Cycle-Soak Programming is easily accomplished to water on whichever days of the week you choose. There is also an option of every other day or every third-day programming. Most Denver water restrictions will require a specific day based on your address for you to water your lawn. It is also easier to have a designated mowing day by using the days of the week option.

Denver Water Suggests

“Tip: Water, rest, water”

“To maximize efficiency and allow the soil time to soak up the water, add multiple start times and reduce each zone’s watering time. For example, a 14-minute run time may be irrigated for 7 minutes, turned off while another zone is irrigated, then irrigated for the remaining 7 minutes to achieve the total 14-minute run time.” –

With our soils, the water will either drain through or flood off. The sandy clay loams need to be watered less, more frequently. This is because they drain off quickly. The clay has the opposite effect of taking a while to drain. This may need to have a frequent water cycle but with more time in between each start time. Each location is made unique by soil type, sun exposure, slope and other factors.

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