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Emergency Tips to Avoid CostlySprinkler Repairs!

Avoid that costly Denver sprinkler repair bill caused by freeze damage. Here are some emergency tips when faced with a freeze situation to help prevent damaging your backflow prevention device. It is best to know the basics you can do yourself to guard against a sudden freeze.

Denver is a city where proper maintenance needs to be done in order to keep a lawn sprinkler system in good working order. The biggest maintenance requirement is guarding against freeze damage by performing a sprinkler blowout, or sprinkler winterization. Weather in Denver can change suddenly and a qualified technician may not be able to make it to your property before damage may occur.

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Backflow Wrapping

The first thing you can always do is wrap the backflow device (PVB) with insulation.  This allows the heat in the water supply to protect the PVB as the insulation reflects and retains this heat. SecureR-15 or better insulation, with duct-tape. Use a large plastic bag to cover over and water-proof everything.  Using encapsulated or faced insulation works best. Having encapsulated or faced insulation helps reduce the possibility water absorption into the insulation and allows a place to secure the duct tape. Secure a large, heavy-duty trash bag to itself with duct tape and wrap around the PVB. The goal is to minimize exposed seams & places water/snow would collect. These preventative measures help to mitigate damage and allow for a sprinkler system to be active. This is always a  better option, instead of paying to repair multiple parts of a sprinkler system.

Emergency Tips – Wrap PVB’s with Insulation

Drain a PVB

In case of a potential freeze situation or light frost; DRAIN the backflow. Just opening a lower drain in the valve manifold box, basement or crawlspace does not solve the issue. The 2 small brass valves on the side of the PVB need to be opened to allow the water to drain. This is similar to the effect of holding your finger over a straw in water. You can raise the straw out of the glass and the water will still be trapped in the straw (pipe). By releasing your finger (opening the 2 small brass valves or petcocks) the water rushes out the bottom of the straw.

Avoid those costly Denver sprinkler repair bills! Schedule an appointment immediately to blow out the water from the copper pipes, PVB, electric control valve manifold, lateral lines & heads of your lawn sprinkler system!